WPC & SPC Factories

We are experienced and expert WPC & SPC Factories.We Provide customized products.

About Us

As a leading brand of environmental protection building materials.

We has been integrating its unique interpretation of new life since its establishment of production base in China, and continuously developing all kinds of floor, wallboard, railing and other products.

It is committed to arousing people’s need to return to nature, bringing the eco-friendly lifestyle represented by us to the world, guiding people out of reinforced concrete buildings, getting close to nature, returning to nature, and enjoying a broader outdoor and indoor living space.

WPC & SPC Products

Product advantages: Waterproof, moisture-proof, insect proof, termite proof; colorful, plastic; high environmental protection, recyclable; simple installation, convenient construction; no cracking, no expansion; good energy saving and sound absorption effect.


We are experienced and expert WPC & SPC Factories.We Provide customized products.

Production Lines

We have 66 standardized production lines.

Years of Experience

12 years of production.

Team Members

We have a team of more than 300 people.

Product Standards


WPC & SPC Solutions

We has the natural color, depth change and texture texture like solid wood. It has become the benchmark of environmental protection building materials industry again.

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WPC & SPC Projects

Relying on the world-class advanced R & D capability, We has endowed each floor with 360 degree comprehensive protection through its unique composite coextrusion extrusion technology.


Why Choose Us?

Professional design team will provide you with free design. Rich on-site installation experience can help you solve all the troubles in the installation process, provide you with professional installation instructions, and after-sales worry free.